Khamis, November 11, 2010

Jom belajar Arab jap!!

Berkali-kali dengar lagu ni dan tercari-cari lirik bahasa Arabnyer.. Alhamdulillah, baru jer terjumpa.

Lagu: Sanakhudu by Tareq Jabar

سنخوض معاركنا معهم وسنمضي جموعا نردعهم
we'll fight our battles with them,we will go together to stop them

ونعيد الحق المغتصب وبكل القوة ندفعهم
and we'll b ring back the taken right ,and we'll push them with all our power

بسلاح الحق البتار سنحرر أرض الأحرار
By the weapon of truth, we'll set the land of the free ones free

ونعيد الطهر إلى القدس من بعد الذلّ و ذا العار
and bring back the purity to Al Quds after the disgrace and humiliation

و سنمضي ندك معاقلهم بدوىّ دامٍ يقلقهم
And we will carry on, bring down their fortress, with strong sound that will scare them

وسنمحو العار بأيدينا وبكل القوة نردعهم
And we will erase our humiliation by our own hands, with all force, we will stop them

لن نرضى بجزءٍ محتلّ لن نترك شبرا للذل
We will never accept a slain part of our land ,we won't let an inch for humiliation

ستمور الأرض و تحرقهم في الأرض براكين تغلي
The land will burn them all ,there are volcanoes that are boiling

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

you'll change "the Quds" into "Zion", and you know the main liturgy theme of Judaism for these thousands of time.

Just a trivia there.


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